Laser Hair Removal

You Deserve Smooth Skin

Safe for darker skin tones

The laser energy is administered in short bursts across the area. Laser hair removal for smaller areas takes less than 30 minutes, and larger areas may take about an hour. Your skin may be slightly pink after the laser hair removal, and this lasts only a few hours. We recommend multiple treatments initially to remove all of the hair.

This is due to the hair being in different growth stages. After the first series of treatments, you can come in for a follow-up treatment every four to six weeks.

Excess hair is a common problem for men and women, but the traditional techniques of shaving and waxing have disadvantages, such as discomfort, ingrown hairs, rashes, and short-term results.

In Good Hands Wellness Center offers laser hair removal in Lombard for hair on the body and face.

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