Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy

In Lombard

It is very common for people to notice strength and coordination difficulties during stages of life. As a person ages, their body can present movement difficulties. Injuries at work and injuries at home can also become a concern. Physical therapy in Lombard treatments are available to address a person’s concerns about how their body functions in everyday life. Natural and occupational factors contribute to how a person’s body responds to demands. Age and genetics play an important role in someone maintaining physical ability. Workplace injuries will also affect how a person’s body functions over time. Most people choose to deal with muscle and nerve problems on their own. Professional physical therapy techniques, however, can counter the most common movement issues. 

Physical therapy that addresses movement issues includes:

When a person has suffered an injury at work, or they need help dealing with a chronic issue, physical therapy protocols help them to regain a sense of control. This process involves concentrated efforts on the part of the client.  

At In Good Hands Wellness Center, we will demonstrate and prescribe certain exercises to be performed each day. Some of the exercises will be difficult, but they are the best therapy tools for overcoming physical problems. Physical therapy regimens are normally prescribed in periods of six and ten weeks. These programs are specifically designed to address individual needs. These time periods are set to work with the natural periods that the body goes through when adapting to new movements.  

If you have been dealing with a movement issue for a long period, it is time to work with us at In Good Hands Wellness Center. We will show you how to overcome physical difficulties. Schedule an appointment today!