Massage and Physical Therapy

Massage Therapy 

We offer therapeutic and post-surgical lymphatic massage sessions. Our massage sessions incorporate a variety of massage techniques designed to rejuvenate your body by easing muscle pain and tension. Relax in our safe and comfortable setting while enjoying your personalized massage that also promotes a healthy blood flow and increases circulation. The massage techniques are customized to your needs. 

Physical Therapy  

If you are suffering from movement difficulties as a result of aging or from injuries, physical therapy can help. Elevate the quality of your life by relieving your pain, improving your movement, and preventing injuries. As you age, your body can present movement difficulties, and injuries left untreated can become chronic and debilitating. Our physical therapy treatments will help you recover from surgery and injuries, counter emerging conditions, and regain strength and control. Physical therapy regimens are typically prescribed in periods of six and ten weeks to achieve long-term results. These phases are set to work with the natural periods that the body goes through when adapting to new movements.  


  • Can reduce headaches and joint pain 
  • Can treat insomnia
  • Can heal sports injuries

What our patients are saying

Dr Reese and her staff are the Best! Hands down, I love this place and know that I’m in good hands whenever I visit. I would highly recommend this one to anyone that may be experiencing any form of pain in their body, this is the place to go…

– Ericka M.

I love working with Dr. Reese and her staff. They are amazing and worthy of my trust. I’ve had several issues, specifically lower back, neck and hip pain that are and have been resolved under Dr. Reese’s care. They are taking CV19 measures seriously, and I’ve had no concerns about being in the office. They are very attentive and make you feel like you’re their only patient.

– Tony F.

Awesome courteous staff always willing to make sure you have a great experience as well as your wellness being of optimal concern.

– Diane D.